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Below is a list of answers to your SK8 Heaven 2012 questions based on what we were asked in 2011.
They’re broken up into the following categories, so if you know what you’re looking for, just click to jump straight to that section:

Skill Levels    |    Food    |    Accommodation    |    Finance    |    Transport    |    Schedules & Classes

If you have anything else to ask that isn’t covered here, then please contact us directly, or comment below and we will get back to you.



Do I have to have passed my skills test to attend?

No, we have a group just for you! Choose Rookie Level 1 and as long as you can fall, stop and skate safely you’re more than welcome.


How will the levels work?

This year we’re doing the classes differently so that they’re not over-subscribed. You buy the ticket of the level you think you’ll be in October. We’re only selling 30 of each level so once it’s sold out it’s gone. The more popular groups will have 2 groups. Travel team is proving to be popular on the Advanced weekend so there will be 2 groups of that and we’ll release more of whichever group proves popular on the Rookie weekend and that will have 2 groups.


I don’t know which skill level to choose, is there a list of the required levels for each group?

Yes! Please refer to the level descriptions below. If you are still unsure please contact us and we’ll give you a guidance. However it is your responibility to make sure you are challenged enough by the level you pick.



Advanced B Team Level (Couldn’t make Advanced weekend, Best of B Team rather than A)

B Team Level (Bouted once, passed skills test/scrimmed with team a lot)

Rookie Level 2 (passed skills test, not bouted yet)

Rookie Level 1 (NOT passed skills test, can fall, stop, skate etc. safely)



All-Star Level (Highest level)

Travel Team Level (just below All-Star)

A Team Level (just below Travel Team, plays for home team mostly)

Advanced B Team Level (couldn’t make Rookie weekend, Best of B team rather than A)


I’ve bought my ticket but now my skill level has increased/decreased, can I change it?

Providing there’s still space in that skill level group, absolutely! Just drop us an email at 2012@sk8heaven.co.uk and we can switch the ticket over. Changes cannot be made after 7th September 2012 (4 weeks before). Please make sure you bring the new ticket for your level as the barcode scanner won’t scan the old one.



Will you be catering for Vegans/Vegetarians?

We won’t be providing food for the bootcamp this year. We advise that you pack your own if you’re worried about getting some when you’re here! The chosen boot camp hotel has a breakfast buffet which is included in your reservation however lunch & dinner will not be provided. There are plenty of restaurants and takeaway establishments within a short walk from the hotel which is in Northampton town centre. The hotel also has a restaurant and bar. Should you purchase food from outside, the Park Inn Hotel has stipulated we ensure that you are made aware of their policy that no outside food is allowed in the public areas of the hotel. We ask that you please respect this as it can affect your booking.



I want to choose who I share a room with, is this allowed?

Due to the chaos that descended last year we won’t be dealing with room allocations this year, if you want to room together, you need to book the hotel room together!


How do I book the hotel?

Once you have bought your ticket for the bootcamp you will receive an email with details with a special rate discount code & how to go about booking the hotel.


What is the hotel’s address?

Park Inn Hotel Northampton,Silver Street, Northampton NN1 2TA


I’ve booked my hotel and can no longer attend, can I get a refund?

Per the hotels policy, all bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable. That means if you cancel your booking at the hotel you will still be charged. As we’re being given a special deal at the hotel for the bootcamps they have specified that payment is due at the time of booking via credit/debit card and the booking cannot be changed once booked.



I can’t afford the full ticket right now, is there a payment plan option available?

Yes. A limited number for each level of £50 non-refundable deposit tickets are available. With the balance being due no later than 1st July 2012. Should you not have sent payment by then your ticket will be released.


I’ve bought my ticket but can no longer attend, can I get a refund?

All tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please let us know if you can no longer attend.



What’s the nearest airport to Northampton?

Northampton is very accesible to Luton, London Heathrow, London Gatwick, East Midlands, Birmingham, London Stansted and has trains available to get to Northampton once you’ve arrived. Northampton Railway Station is a 10 minute walk to the hotel or there are taxis available from the station.


Is there transport available to and from the venues?

Transportation to and from Benham Sports Arena is not provided but should you require a lift, we’ll try to accomodate you. Please email us in advance at 2012@sk8heaven.co.uk to arrange this. If you have space in your vehicle to offer lifts please also let us know as it would be much appreciated.


Transport between track venues will be provided should you require it.



When will schedules be released?

We are aiming to have the schedules up by the end of August


How many tracks will there be this year?

A minimum of 3. We are currently in negotiations for a 4th track and hope to announce a positive outcome soon!


Will there be as much off skates classes this year?

There will be some off skates classes as fitness and knowledge are just as important as skating skills,  however our aim is to provide more on skates classes this year. This will be reflected in the schedules when they are released.


Are spectators allowed?

Due to limited space at the venues spectators won’t be allowed at the bootcamp, however you’re welcome to bring them with you to stay at the hotel. There are lots of things to do in Northampton so they’d be kept well occupied!



If you have any more questions please don’t hesistate to email us at 2012@sk8heaven.co.uk


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  1. Abadabadoo

    Hi, how will you prevent people ‘picking’ the classes they attend and not sticking to their level’s prescribed schedule? As class sizes last year seemed to vary greatly and it was unfair to those that stuck to their programme. Cheers Abs x

    1. SK8 Heaven Organisers

      Hi there!

      There’ll be Slayers stationed at the start of each class with checklists of who is meant for that level/class. Each class will be tailored to that skill level so there’d be no reason to switch schedules. Classes will also be longer this year with a 15 minute grace period inbetween to get to/from and kit on/off easier. We’re hoping this will solve the issue!

      Shoetown Slayers

  2. Venom

    I understand that the schedule won’t be released until later this year, but I wonder when I should antitcipate to arrive on Friday and leave on Sunday? About what time does the camp begin on Friday and end on Sunday? Will hotel ipackage include stay from Thursday and check out on Monday? Want to be ready to purchase flight tickets soon. What if I am travelling alone? Will I be bunked with someone or will I be forced to bunk alone at a higher rate? Thanks for all your help!

    1. SK8 Heaven Organisers

      Hi there!

      1) Friday night we have a little meeting in the hotel lobby around 9PM to go over what’s happening over the weekend and to introduce the coaches. No actual bootcamp classes happen on the Friday. I believe hotel check in is from 3PM so you should be OK to arrive from then!

      The bootcamp finishes on Sunday at around 6PM and as the hotel will be booked and paid for by you separately(unless you have an earlybird ticket) you can book & pay for extra nights stay if needed!

      2) If you’re travelling alone we can put you in touch with another lone camper to bunk up with or if you want your own room then you can pay the £57.50 per room per night for the hotel and have the room to yourself.

      Hope that helps! If you have any more questions please email us at 2012@sk8heaven.co.uk
      Shoetown Slayers

  3. Dottie Dynamite


    Are we picking roomies this year (the earlybirds) or are the rooms separate? Thought I’d check now before making any plans!

    Dots 101

    1. SK8 Heaven Organisers


      The rooms will be shared. We’ll send out an email Mid July with a form to arrange room sharing for the earlybird tickets so we can book them :)

  4. Rocky


    How do we pay the remaining balance on the Payment plan option? Do we just send the remaining amount through Paypal with a reference?


    Rocky x

    1. SK8 Heaven Organisers

      Hi there!

      You should have received the payment plan completion link via the email you bought the ticket with now. Drop us an email at 2012@sk8heaven.co.uk if you haven’t received it!

  5. Johnny Crash

    Hi there,

    Is the Rockie level 2 bootcamp open to men (or just women)?

    Cheers Johnny

    1. SK8 Heaven Organisers

      Hi Johnny!

      Yep all of the bootcamp is co-ed. Both male and female skaters are welcome on all levels!

  6. Petra Bomb

    what are the track surfaces like? (if I need stickier wheels I’ll need to sort out borrowing some)

    1. SK8 Heaven Organisers

      It’s not particularly slippy or grippy, more inbetween so wheel change shouldn’t be needed! :)

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