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Coaches at SK8 Heaven 2011

Below is the list of coaches present at last year’s boot camp, SK8 Heaven 2011.

Comment below to let us know who you’d like to see back in 2012, and who’s name you’d love to see added to the confirmed list for this year!

  • Bonnie D.Stroir
  • Isabelle Ringer
  • Pitchit
  • Pia Mess
  • Georgia W.Tush
  • Beater Pan-Tease
  • Krissy Krash
  • Swede Hurt
  • Re-AnimateHer
  • Betty Ford Galaxy
  • Urr’kn Jerkn
  • Hooligal
  • El Visious

Officials: Rawk


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  1. Jewel Suffer

    Bonnie d stroir
    Isabelle ringer
    Urkn jerkn

    1. SK8 Heaven Site Administration

      Your wish is our command! Well, part of it anyway… Pitchit confirmed! ;)

  2. Krissy

    Urr’kn Jerkn,
    Bonnie D.Stroir,
    Georgia W.Tush,

  3. Charly

    Beater Pan-Tease
    Swede Hurt
    Urr’kn Jerkn

    1. SK8 Heaven Site Administration

      Hey Charly, Pitchit now confirmed! :)

  4. Pulp

    Bonnie D. Stroyer

  5. Gin & Sonic

    I love DeRanged and PsychoBabble so I’d be chuffed with either or both of them. Luludemon would be awesome and after watching Rocky v denver I would love Urr’ken to be there xx

  6. Anima

    ReAnimate Her and Betty Ford Gallaxy’s sessions last year were awesome! Bring them back. :)

  7. Coco

    Re-animate-her and BFG are the perfect team x

  8. Vesper Green

    Betty Ford Galaxy
    Re Animate Her
    Bonnie D.Stroir
    Swede Hurt

  9. Sui-cider

    bring back betty ford and mater!
    they are both awesome :D

  10. Jessica Rammit

    ReAnimate Her
    Betty Ford Galaxy
    Urrkn Jerkn (missed her last year)
    and Beater Pan Tease as she’s back on skates now — WOO!

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