Below is a list of answers to your SK8 Heaven 2013 questions based on what we’ve been asked in previous years.
They’re broken up into the following categories, so if you know what you’re looking for, just click to jump straight to that section:

Skill Levels    |    Food    |    Accommodation    |    Finance    |    Transport    |    Schedules & Classes

If you have anything else to ask that isn’t covered here, then please contact us directly, or comment below and we will get back to you.



Do I have to have passed my skills test to attend?

No, we have a group just for you! Choose Rookie level and as long as you can fall, stop and skate safely you’re more than welcome.


How will the levels work?

This year we’re doing the classes differently so that they’re not over-subscribed. You buy the ticket of the level you think you’ll be in October. We’re only selling 25 of each level so once it’s sold out it’s gone.


I don’t know which skill level to choose, is there a list of the required levels for each group?

Yes! Please refer to the level descriptions below. If you are still unsure please contact us and we’ll give you a guidance. However it is your responsibility to make sure you are challenged enough by the level you pick.



  • Pre Minimum Skills.
  • Skater DOES NOT have to have passed WFTDA Minimum Skills.
  • Skater must be able to fall and stop safely and be comfortable skating in close proximity with other skaters.


  • Skater has passed Pre 2013 WFTDA Minimum Skills
  • Skater is likely to be bouting regularly on their leagues B team
  • Skater is comfortable with scrimmage situations and has a basic handling of strategy.


  • Skater has passed the latest version of WFTDA Minimum Skills
  • Skater is likely to be bouting regularly on their leagues A team or Travel Team
  • Skater is comfortable with skating backwards, can transition in both directions, can come to a quick stop from a fast pace and has a good understanding of strategy.
  • On the Sunday of the bootcamp skaters will be chosen to participate in a mixed bout playing alongside the coaches, which will be held at the close of the bootcamp and be open to the public.


I’ve bought my ticket but now my skill level has increased/decreased, can I change it?

Providing there’s still space in that skill level group, absolutely! Just drop us an email at 2013@sk8heaven.co.uk and we can switch the ticket over. Changes cannot be made after 27th September 2013 (4 weeks before). Please make sure you bring the new ticket for your level as the barcode scanner won’t scan the old one.



Will you be catering for Vegans/Vegetarians?

We won’t be providing food for the bootcamp this year. We advise that you pack your own if you’re worried about getting some when you’re here! The hotel has a breakfast buffet which is included in your reservation however lunch & dinner will not be provided. There are plenty of restaurants and takeaway establishments within a short walk from the hotel which is in Northampton town centre. The bootcamp venue also has a cafe which provides hot and cold food.



I have an Earlybird ticket, is accomodation included?

Hotel is not included in any of the ticket options this year.


I’ve bought my ticket but can no longer attend, can I get a refund?

All tickets are non-refundable, however they are transferable should you require it, the info we need is the name of the new attendee and their email address. Please let us know if you can no longer attend.



What’s the nearest airport to Northampton?

Northampton is very accessible to Luton, London Heathrow, London Gatwick, East Midlands, Birmingham, London Stansted and has trains available to get to Northampton once you’ve arrived. Northampton Railway Station is a 10 minute walk to the town centre or there are taxis available from the station.


Is there transport available to and from the venues?

Transportation to and from Benham Sports Arena is not provided but should you require a lift, we’ll try to accomodate you. Please email us in advance at 2013@sk8heaven.co.uk to arrange this. If you have space in your vehicle to offer lifts please also let us know as it would be much appreciated.



When will schedules be released?

We are aiming to have the schedules up by mid October


How many tracks will there be this year?

There will be 2 tracks, plus a number of off skates areas.


Will there be as much off skates classes this year?

There will be some off skates classes as fitness and knowledge are just as important as skating skills,  however our aim is to provide more on skates classes this year. This will be reflected in the schedules when they are released.


Are spectators allowed?

Due to limited space at the venues spectators won’t be allowed at the bootcamp, however you’re welcome to bring them with you to stay at the hotel. There are lots of things to do in Northampton so they’d be kept well occupied! We also have off-skates tickets available for those who just want to watch, there is a limited number of these available.

If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to email us at 2013@sk8heaven.co.uk