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Below you’ll find details of the SK8 Heaven coaches confirmed so far for the 2012 boot camp weekends.

Coach profiles will be added here as their participation is confirmed. Sign up for e-mail news updates to make sure you don’t miss any announcements!

Click here for a list of the awesome coaching talent on display at last year’s boot camp.


Coaches confirmed for SK8 Heaven 2012:


Stefanie Mainey #13

I have been coaching derby since 2007, including being the Head of Training at London Roller girls since 2009. I have taught derby in 7 different countries.

East Coast Regionals tournament 2011 MVP and WFTDA skater of the month Oct 2011.
Brawling Vs Team USA MVP.
Captain of Team England and Atom All Star.


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White Flight #54

I joined the ranks of the derby obsessed in 2008 when I made it into the Rose City Rollers’ Fresh Meat program. I was fortunate enough to be drafted by the High Rollers a few short months later to start my first season ever in January of 2009. By the summer of 2009 I was recruited to skate for RCR’s travel team the Wheels of Justice. I was selected to participate in the filming of Brutal Beauty my rookie year, as well. The following year I served as co-captain for the High Rollers with Intensive Scare. Together we were able to secure the team’s first ever first place finish. I had the honor of coaching for our Fresh Meat program for a little under a year before life got in the way. I then moved to coaching our junior league, the Rosebuds, who took home the Jr NW Championship trophy this year. I am currently a member of the Wheels of Justice, a coach for Portland Men’s Roller Derby, and a skater for Team USA.

When I am not on the track I am working full-time with youth with psychiatric illnesses and am a full-time student working on a Masters in Social Work. I enjoy the release that derby provides for me in my action-packed life. I am honored to be part of this strong, supportive community, and look forward to working with you.


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Pitchit #33

Pitchit has been a rink rat from the age of 7, skating a minimum of twice a week during the school year and as much as 5 times a week during the summers and participating in numerous Skate-a-thons, speed schools and all night skates throughout the years.

At 45 years of age, Pitchit has not stopped skating and still rink skates with his twin daughters on a regular basis. However, in mid-2008 it occurred to Pitchit that there might be more to roller skating than just the rink. Along with rink rat partner in crime Johnny Smokescreen, the two decided that they should start a roller derby team in Tucson. While investigating the local possibilities, Pitchit found 4 very lonely guys who had been skating together for six months. The duo joined into the existing practice schedule and called in the troops from the rink. Together, the group formed a new league, Tucson’s Dry Heat Derby.

In the short time that Pitchit has been involved in derby, he has racked up as much experience as he possibly could. Pitchit attributes much of his skill to having access early in his learning stages to great skaters like Ivanna S Pankin, Trish the Dish, Sheeza Brickhouse, Helen Wheels and Sami Automatic. He attended the 2008 Men’s Derby Conference in Baltimore and quickly earned himself a spot on Team seXY, a challenge team that skated against Team Awesome on the Fremont Street flat track for the 2009 Roller Con and on the banked track at the Team Awesome San Diego Boot Camp.

Pitchit has dedicated himself as a student of the game, participating in many clinics and classes, including Falling & Hitting 101 with the Rev, Blocking & Pack Dynamics with Coach Pauly, Confident Jamming with Sadistic Sadie and Intermediate Speed & Stride with Atomatrix. Pitchit has applied this knowledge and skill directly by taking on Bench Boss duties for Tucson Roller Derby and conducting his own ‘Five Fast Steps’ Speed Clinic at Phoenix’s AZRD on numerous occasions. Pitchit assisted in the development of Default Strategy and currently travels the globe teaching the system.

In 2010, Pitchit increased his participation in the roller derby community by joining the cast of Derby Deeds, a weekly podcast dedicated to current events and hot topics of roller derby. And again in March of 2011 when he and business partner Mr. Awesome started DerbySupply.net in hopes of giving the roller derby community some of the quality customer service that was clearly lacking.


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Tootie Tinwhistle

Tootie Tinwhistle is a Level 5 WFTDA Certified Referee who has officiated over 150 bouts in six and a half years of refereeing. From 2010 to 2012, Tootie was the elected Chair of the WFTDA Officiating Committee. Tootie has worked at Big 5 tournaments every year since 2007, including the positions of Crew Head Referee and Tournament Head Referee. Tootie has planned and instructed officiating clinics all around the world and was instrumental in creating the WFTDA Officiating Clinics’ education curriculum.  Tootie has a degree in education and works endlessly to improve his teaching methods, especially with respect to the most challenging and frustrating concepts of roller derby rules and officiating.



Pia Mess #24/7

Pia Mess (AKA Misty Greer) has become legendary in the modern era of women’s flat track roller derby. She joined Seattle’s Rat City Rollergirls in 2004 as a new skater and became the league MVP her rookie season. As team captain she led The Sockit Wenches to the league championship in 2006. That same year she was named MVP of The Sockit Wenches and was also the entire league’s top scoring jammer. Pia also helped the Rat City All-Star team secure a second place finish in the 2007 National Championship Tournament, missing out on the trophy by just two points.

In 2008 Pia relocated to the San Francisco/Oakland area where she is now skating in her eighth season, currently with the WFTDA-affiliated Silicon Valley Roller Girls, both as a player and coach. As a coach, Pia is perhaps best known for her legendary endurance practices; a grueling mixture of non-stop skating drills, Plyometrics/Tabata and strategy. These practices have become affectionately known throughout her league as “Pia’s Puke Practice”. In the past two seasons the SVRG coaching staff has led their team to a near 95% win record, and endurance has been a key factor in securing that record.

Equally skilled as a jammer, pivot and blocker, Pia Mess has received multiple awards from all three leagues that she has skated for in her career. She is known throughout the derby community as one of the most strategically-minded players to ever strap on skates. Pia is a member of the prestigious 2012 Atom Wheels All-Stars, and is sponsored by Atom Wheels. She has also been named the WFTDA Featured Skater of the Month for March 2011. The story of Pia Mess was featured on the original Canadian Broadcast Television Series, “TV Made Me Do It“. Pia also appeared in the acclaimed documentary feature film, “Blood On The Flat Track: The Rise Of The Rat City Rollergirls“.

Over the past three years Pia has served as a guest coach and led weekend derby boot camp clinics throughout the United States, as well as Internationally. In 2010 she was invited by the Stuttgart Valley Rollergirls (as the only coach from the United States) to lead Germany’s first-ever boot camp clinic. The clinic was attended by skaters from 17 leagues in 12 different countries and was deemed a huge success. She has also donated her time to help coach at the first-ever Junior Con training camp (held in 2010 in Seattle), helping to mold the next generation of women’s flat track roller derby players.”

Although many people can play or coach well, Pia’s natural ability, experience and professionalism as an instructor put her in a class of her own. The Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz remain thankful for her training and eagerly look forward to training with her again in the future. Whether you are looking for a day of superb instruction to advance your own league to the next level or setting up a multi-league training camp, I highly recommend Pia Mess as an instructor.” – Crash Test Ref, Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz, Stuttgart, Germany.

In addition to the vast wealth of knowledge and experience that she brings to the track, Pia is also a Certified Personal Trainer (AFAA), as well as having her CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification. Whether your league wants to work on basic, intermediate or advanced jamming and blocking skills, team building, pack dynamics, strategy, agility or endurance, Pia Mess can custom-tailor an entire weekend of clinic drills to fit your league’s needs and desires. Her motto is “Skate and Motivate”, and she can deliver the dramatic results you are looking for.


Links -

WFTDA featured skater of the month March 2011


Bitches Bruze #802

Started skating derby in September 2007 and has been teaching computer applications and programming at her local community college for a decade. Mixing multimedia and training is her love and profession.

Bitches began her roller derby career with the Albany All Stars (Albany, NY) in the summer of 2007 and was a founding member of both the Hellions of Troy Roller Derby (Troy, NY) and Burlington Bombers (Burlington, VT). For three years, she was a skater and coach with the co-ed roller derby league, Pioneer Valley Roller Derby (Northampton, MA). Bitches usually skates Blocker and Pivot. In bouts she’s been coach, every referee position, every non-skating official position, videographer, statistician, boutcaster, and announcer. She’s been on roster for more than 50 bouts, and with her ability to pick up any role, she’s been in over 150 bouts in her career (and will exceed 200 in 2012).

Today Bitches skates with the Elm City Derby Damez (Keene, NH). Her derby wife (and real-life husband), Will Jettison, is the Captain of Pioneer Valley Roller Derby’s men’s team – Dirty Dozen.

Bitches was proud to be one of the announcers selected for World Cup 2011, the highlight of which was the opportunity to announce the live stream (and DVD recording) of Team USA’s Stars vs. Stripes bout. Her strategy videos on YouTube have been watched several hundred thousand times in countries around the world and used for training and development for every level of skater and team.


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Coaches at SK8 Heaven 2011

Below is the list of coaches present at last year’s boot camp, SK8 Heaven 2011. Comment below to let us know who you’d like to see back in 2012, and who’s name you’d love to see added to the confirmed list for this year! Bonnie D.Stroir Isabelle Ringer Pitchit Pia Mess Georgia W.Tush Beater Pan-Tease …

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