Oct 09

Raffle donations coming thick and fast!

1381895_586333264757066_1971631530_nSK8 Heaven raffle looks to be bigger than ever this year!

Thanks to Rollerbones & Sure-Grip International for sending us this awesome package via Shiner Roller Derby today!

Visit our Raffle Donors page to see who else has donated.

Raffle tickets will only be available at the bootcamp so grab your ticket at sk8heaven.co.uk/tickets!

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  1. Bitches Bruze

    Last year a lot of people wanted copies of my PowerPoint presentations. I did make a big handout for all members, but this year I will be adding to the raffle a copy of all my PowerPoint presentations from 2013 and 2013 as well as the videos and photos used!

    You cannot buy this anywhere! It will be a great resource for you and your league for training now and in the future <3

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