Jan 27

SK8 Heaven Closes – Thanks to all involved!

Advanced weekendThanks to all who attended SK8 Heaven 2013 – attendees, coaches, vendors and helper-outers!


2013′s boot camp was considered a huge success by all those in attendance, many of whom have become familiar faces over the 3 years that Northamptonshire Roller Derby League has been hosting this huge event in the UK’s Roller Derby calendar.

Since 2011 when the league’s President, Minx Pie, decided that organising the UK’s first residential Roller Derby boot camp would be a fun and not-at-all stressful venture, SK8 Heaven has made the following coaches accessible to UK skaters of all skill levels:

  • Pia Mess
  • Georgia W Tush
  • Swede Hurt
  • Isabelle Ringer
  • Betty Ford Galaxy
  • Re-Animate Her
  • Pitchit
  • Krissy Krash
  • Urrk’n Jerk’n
  • Beater Pan-Tease
  • Bonnie D. Stroir
  • Stefanie Mainey
  • Quadzilla
  • White Flight
  • Tootie Tinwhistle
  • Bitches Bruze
  • Punchy O’Guts
  • Umpire Strikes Back
  • Don’t Care Bear
  • Carmen Getsome

This year’s boot camp was to be the final one, at least for the near future, whilst Northamptonshire Roller Derby League‘s founders bring their attention back closer to home and dedicate more time to the league’s travel team, the Northampton Shoetown Slayers, as well as working with a new league structure that should also see the needs of newer members well catered-for in the introduction of a recreational section to the league.

We are very grateful to all those that helped to make SK8 Heaven happen, with extra special thanks to all our raffle donors (found here, and here), MAL Langbridge at Gradient Photography who has made himself available to catch some of the action at the two most recent boot camps, and Gradient Hosting who have been instrumental in the continued presence of this website.


Love and shoves from the SK8 Heaven team at NRDL  xxx